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Automated Powder Coating

Our automatic powder coat line is designed to accommodate large volume production.

It is designed as a looped conveyor system. Racked parts move into a spray booth, where powder is applied via automatic spray heads as the parts pass through. The parts continue through an infrared preheat, then an infrared cure oven. After completing the cycle, the parts are removed and packaged for shipment.

Our system is capable of powder coating thousands of parts per day. This makes it suitable and cost-effective for refurbishing gondola shelving and retail fixtures.  This system is also ideal for powder coating high volume automotive parts or any other production application.

Molded Metal Services Inc. specializes in Automated Powder Coating in the Murfreesboro, Nashville and the mid-south areas. Call us today to discuss your automated powder coating needs.

Automatig Spray Guns
Automatic Spray Booth
Automatic Coating Line
Automatic Coating Line
Inside Our Plant Area
Gondola Shelving being powder coated on our automatic line
Automotive parts racked and ready to coat on the automatic powder line
Finished auto parts ready to be packaged
packed auto parts
packed auto parts